What are the shoppe hours?

Bella Bridal Shoppe is open by appointment only Tuesday-Saturday. Appointments can be made at the following shoppe hours: Tues-Thurs 1pm-8pm, Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, and Sat 9am-3pm.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive at the time that your appointment is scheduled for. We often have appointments immediately before your appointment and will not be able to take you early. If you are late, this will cut into your appointment time as we often have an appointment immediately following yours (especially on a Saturday) and may not be able to extend your appointment time due to a late arrival.

How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

As fun as it sounds to bring all of your closest friends and family to come dress shopping with you, it can easily make finding “the one” more difficult. Bring the people who know you best and whose opinions you value most. They are the ones who know your personal style best. Your dress should reflect YOU, not them. When this one loves it and that one hates it, you can easily lose sight of YOUR vision. We recommend bringing 1-2 guests along with you. Small and sweet. However, if you wish to bring more, please keep it to a 4 person max as space is limited. If you wish to bring more then 4 guests, please contact us in advance so we can make proper arrangements to accommodate you all.

What should I bring to my appointment?

It’s helpful to bring a strapless bra, spanx, and some fabulous shoes to your appointment. You want to envision yourself on your wedding day, so these items play a key role!

Do you offer Sunday appointments?

We do offer limited Sunday appointments. Our Sunday appointments are a very special experience. These are private appointments where we will open the shoppe just for you and your guests. Included in this private appointment will be 2 hours to shop for your dream bridal gown, a  professional bridal stylist, and champagne for you and your guests to enjoy as your shop. The fee for this extra special appointment is $100 which will go towards the purchase of your bridal gown.

I have a strict budget, do you have gowns that will be in my price range?

We want you to find the gown of your dreams so we offer a variety of gowns at all price points. We often offer our samples at a discounted price which is a great opportunity to own a designer gown at 50-70% off. Call us at 978-388-4388 to schedule an appointment to view our samples.

 I have my gown and need accessories, do you offer accessories?

Bella is proud to offer a variety of couture accessories from top designers. We carry everything from veils, belts, and jackets to designer jewelry and hair accessories; we have it all to complete your bridal look. Call us at 978-388-4388 to schedule your accessories appointment.